Welcome to my journey!

This site documents my progress into the field of astrophotography.

I am documenting it all, right from the beginning, so hopefully anybody else who is new to this hobby can see where I started and where I am currently at!

Latest from the Blog!

A Winter Rose

It’s been a week since my last post and it’s been the busiest 7 days of 2021 so far; hence the slight delay in this post being published. As some readers my already know, I’ve decided to create a Facebook page and a YouTube channel to accompany this blog. If some keen-eyed viewers had already…

A Dream Not Without Fault

Once again, the UK weather has been dismal at best over the past month. We have had snow storms and constant cloud for three weeks straight, with no hint of a letup! If it has looked promising when I leave work at 5PM, by the time I get home it has completely clouded over again….

Messier 42 – Winter 20/21 Project

The first month of the new year can only be described as…drab. The weather in January has been one of constant cloud, wind, rain, snow and ice. Since my last post just before the end of last year, I can count on one hand the amount of clear nights that I have had! So I’ve…

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