Welcome to my journey!

This site documents my progress into the field of astrophotography.

I am documenting it all, right from the beginning, so hopefully anybody else who is new to this hobby can see where I started and where I am currently at!

Latest from the Blog!

Finally…A Clear Night!

The weather really has been lousy this year! I’ve only managed ten imaging sessions in the past eight months; that’s just over one a month! Everyone in the astro-community has also complained at how despondent they have become due to constant clouds, or wild fires or raging storms. Even I have to admit, I’ve struggled…

ITV Central News Feature

Once again, the British weather isn’t playing ball, so no astrophotography for now. – CAN PEOPLE STOP BUYING GEAR!? – However, Wolverhampton Astronomical Society was recently contacted by ITV Central News, who was doing a feature on the recent rise in popularity of astrophotography. It was decided that I was the best fit for the…

Astro Hutech IDAS NBZ Filter Initial Review

Well, it’s been yet ANOTHER dreadful month, with no clear nights since I started my summer project on the Cygnus Wall; part of NGC7000 – The North America Nebula. However, it has given me time to do some research on my current filter – the Astro Hutech IDAS NGS1 – and other filters that are…

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