Another Quick Target – Crescent Nebula

I finally had another clear night on the 9th of this month! Was only a short clear spell, and it soon clouded over around half past midnight. However, the nights are closing in quite fast now, and astronomical darkness starts around 9PM, so managed to get over 2 hours of exposure.

This shot was only meant to be a test, for as you can see, my coma has been ‘reduced’. I finally was able to purchase the Baader multi-purpose coma corrector (MPCC from here-on)! As I only had minimum shooting time, I was just going to be figuring out the optimum backspacing between the MPCC and the camera sensor. This is because my T2-ring isn’t quite the official 11mm thick; so it’s not just a simple case of screwing it on all the way…typical.

Luckily, I was able to use the 48mm removable ring on the coma corrector as sort of a locking nut, so it stopped it screwing in any further. I still haven’t found optimum back spacing I don’t think! To help make this a permanent fixture though, I’ve purchased some spacing rings in multiple thicknesses. I don’t trust the thin 48mm thread to come off, so this should allow me to tighten up the T42 thread all the way. So that should be coming from First Light Optics next week, all being well.

Anyway, when I saw the first test shot come in though, I lost myself in the excitement of seeing the clear crescent shape in the 60-second exposure. I decided to leave the backspacing where it was for now, and do an imaging session instead. So as you can see from the image at the top, the coma hasn’t been perfectly removed, but it’s a damn sight better than it would be without the MPCC!

All in all, I manage to capture 148 minutes of exposure, so just shy of 2h30m! I’m still really happy with how this one turned out! It’s definitely my most colourful image to date! Just need to get the backspacing sorted and I’ll be revisiting this target again before the year’s out I reckon.

Over the weekend, I’ve ordered a few more pieces of equipment, so I’ll be doing another blog post shortly when I have it all setup properly. I’ll be doing a full length review of the Baader multi purpose coma corrector, among other goodies!

Anyway, it’s about time I go and set up for this evening I think!

Till then though, clear skies!

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