ITV Central News Feature

Once again, the British weather isn’t playing ball, so no astrophotography for now. – CAN PEOPLE STOP BUYING GEAR!? – However, Wolverhampton Astronomical Society was recently contacted by ITV Central News, who was doing a feature on the recent rise in popularity of astrophotography.

It was decided that I was the best fit for the requirements of the interview. So on one of the days that I was working from home, a camera woman came round and had me set up my rig while she shot some B-roll footage. Eventually it culminated in a couple of questions about what I found most fascinating about astrophotography.

Put on the spot, I tried to answer with what came into my head first – Doing astrophotography, is basically looking back in time, thousands and thousands of years. The light that has travelled from the deep space targets has been travelling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, to reach the mirror at the bottom of my telescope, reflected onto my camera sensor and be turned into a voltage.

It’s utterly mind-boggling! The human brain can’t begin to comprehend the distance or the time!

Anyway, till the next clear night, clear skies!

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