About Me

My Journey into Astrophotography

This whole page documents my journey into the world of astrophotography. I’m a complete beginner in the field, and wanted to document the ups and downs that I face along the way. Hopefully it will inspire you, the reader of this blog, to take up astrophotography yourself!

I’ve always had an interest in space and the universe, even at a young age pre-school. But as life evolves, my education and then work became a priority.

However, the whole world came to a halt when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I, along with most of the UK workforce was put on furlough, and suddenly I had nothing to do.

One day, I was scrolling through YouTube to occupy my time, and came across Trevor on AstroBackyard, and he inspired me to pick up this hobby. So Trevor, if you ever read this, I salute you!

I now follow a few Astrophotographers on YouTube, including AstroStace, not far from me in Birmingham; Helena’s Astrophotography from up in Scotland and Dylan O’Donnell, all the way down in the southern hemisphere in Australia. These extraordinary people have inspired me immensely throughout this ever increasing lockdown. So to them, I also say thank you.

About Me

I’m Adam and live just outside Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. I’m a graduate of Birmingham City University having studied Sound Engineering & Production for 4 years. Having numerous years experience in the live events industry, I have moved to a local education facility as their recording studio technician.

I am a complete novice in this area, and along the way I bet I will make plenty of mistakes; some probably laughably so. But it’s all a learning curve, and this is what this whole site is about.

Most of my photographs will be taken in my back garden in Bortle Class 6 skies. Occasionally, I do have the opportunity to go to a class 5 with the Wolverhampton Astronomical Society, or class 4 over at Church Stretton (which is officially the West Midlands dark sky site). I’m unfortunate, in that I have no local true dark sky sites and would have to travel across the boarder into Wales. However, for now, my back garden will have to do.